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As the importance of multicultural marketing continues to expand, so does the media’s interest in this vital topic.

The writings of our Managing Director, Laura Sonderup, have been featured in a wide variety of publications, including USA Today, US Industry Today, IFA Franchising World, ColoradoBiz and DirectLine. Likewise, some of the nation’s top magazines and newspapers have sought out Laura’s opinions on topics ranging from immigration to marketing to politics.

Read some of the articles written by Laura Sonderup:

¿Cómo se dice “green” en espańol?

A recent EcoPulse survey showed that Latinos are not only the country’s fastest growing consumer group, but are arguably the greenest group, as well.

¿Español o inglés? Understanding U.S. Hispanic Language Preferences

Is Spanish likely to remain the language of preference among U.S. Hispanics? Or will English become more important as consumers acculturate?

Future of Franchise

From top-level corporate positions, to Mom and Pop corner stores, the U.S. minority population is coming of age. Minorities are better educated and better compensated than ever before … and more entrepreneurial. They are also being called the “new frontier” of franchising.

Immigrant Banking

Building trust is key to successfully serving Hispanic immigrants who are often unfamiliar with the U.S. banking system and the protection it offers.

Hispanic Marketing

Multiculturalism is redefining what it means to be American today. Culturally relevant marketing plans will become increasingly critical as the population becomes more diverse and the buying power of U.S. Hispanics becomes more significant.

Hispanidad media coverage:

Demand for Financial Security Is Colorblind: FPA Leaders Meeting

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Hispanic Marketing in the Heartland: A Hands-On Guide by Laura Sonderup

“In my 15+ years of marketing to diverse consumer communities, I have observed that while much of the “buzz” originates in places like NYC, LA, Miami and Chicago, there is an unmet need for a written resource to benefit those who constitute the heart and soul of America – companies and organizations in the U.S. Heartland that are eager to reach out to Hispanic consumers in a relevant, respectful and measureable way.”