Multicultural Communications

It's About More Than Translation

We are all motivated by creative communications that are relevant, clear, concise, consistent and compelling. But first, we have to understand and relate to the content before we can actually “hear” the message.

Using translated copy to connect with diverse audiences doesn’t get to the heart and soul ofwhat you want — and need — to say. Transcreation does. The process of trancreating starts with an in-depth understanding of the target audience, whose tastes, customs and languages may be remarkably different from the general market. Simply put, it takes precision, insight and experience to create relevant marketing communications for your culturally and ethnically diverse consumers.

Yet too many agencies don’t see that reality — or can’t deliver on it. Hispanidad has the experience, ability, desire and talent to apply this simple and powerful philosophy to every project, with the goal to always generate a positive impression that leads to a measurable response.